Author of A Night With Saddam

Following his residency in emergency medicine Dr. Green was assigned as the flight surgeon for the 1st Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). There Mark served alongside some of the nation's most elite warriors on two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and one in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Praise For A Night With Saddam

saddam“He was one of the greatest tyrants of our age, a man who prompted two international wars and fear of terrorism around the globe. And on the night he was captured, immediately after he was pulled from a hole in the ground near the Iraqi town of Adwar, Dr. Mark Green was there. He spoke with Saddam, tended him medically and learned what few have had opportunity to know.  Dr. Green’s reflections on the dictator of Iraq, the life of a military doctor and war as a whole are invaluable. Read them and understand your age anew”

-Stephen Mansfield, NYT Best Selling Author of, The Faith of George Bush and The Faith of Barack Obama